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Is it risk free?

Yes. We don't ask you for upfront payments. By the end of each week you get a detailed invoice about the work done, if you are happy with the work, you pay for it, and then, we continue. Additionally, we are up to offer a 1 to 10 hours free initial test task, in order to give you a quick proof that we are going to do a great job.

Who will work on my project?

After you contact us, we will put you in contact with one of our project managers, he will introduce you the developer and he will present to you all the developer details. You then will be in direct contact to the developer, but also have free support from our project manager.

How experienced is my developer?

if a developer wants to be part of our team, we first require from him to pass a technical test related to his field, additionally we require work experience as conditional to be a hiring candidate.


All our developers are currently working in our office located at Barranquilla, Colombia. We have a pretty nice work environment which allow us to be focused about work.


We are located at UTC-5 all the year, which is 1 hour earlier than EDT( East Coast ) and 2 hours after PDT(West Coast). We work 40 hours a week, our day starts at 8:00am and ends at 6:00pm, we work monday to friday. We are also available during our rest time to attend emergencies.

Pricing and Payments

How is the invoice price calculated?

We keep track about how much time do we spend on an specific task, and you are able to know what is the developer doing now and is planning to finish by today, we are currently using hourstack to keep track about what do we accomplish each day and what did we accomplish for the week, so you have a proof that we do our best to stay productive. You then are billed weekly about the completed work.


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